Flowering House Envirement


There are two trees standing in the yard of the Flowering Hostel --- a crabapple tree, and a Xiangchun tree (also called T. sinensis, extensively used as a vegetable in China; have an onion-like flavor.).

Mid-April is an enchanting time to enjoy the white blossom of the Crabapple tree.

Haveing a pot of tea, or savoring a cup of coffee,

you might find yourslelf already under the spell cast by fallen petals in riotous profusion all over the yard.

And that’s where the name of Flowering Hostel came from.

The sprout of Xiangchun tree is also great to taste, especially when scrambled with eggs.
In May you’ll have a chance to have the sweet mulberry.

Siheyuan’s special charm ---- being peaceful and cool ---- will be best enjoyed in summer. When friends from all around the world gather around in the yard and share their unique travel stories, what joy it must be! 

While enjoying the shade under branches full of crabapple, you definitely need a cold beer to beat the heat. Sitting in the yard, enjoying the sunset, listening to the grasshopper singing, you’ll understand the true essence of lives in Chinese Siheyuan.


If you plan to visit us in September, the season where all fruits ripen, then you must try the sour and sweet crabapple hanging all over the branches. 


October is the season of fallen foliage, you could simply lay back and listen to the golden leaves rustling in the wind.

In winter,the yard will be covered with snow. In Chinese custom, people would hang red lanterns under their roofs to celebrate Chinese New Year. The flaming red against the pure and white snow are the best motif representing the true Beijing life style.